Dreams and the masculine-feminine energy battle

February 12, 2024

My dreams have been off the chart lately. It may be because I’m taking uridine and just getting much better sleep, in general. They’ve been wildly metaphorical and reflective of the major challenges I’ve faced in my life, which have been playing out on my keyboard as I write my memoir. I’m calling it Stripped. I was aware of the heap of struggles and difficult situations I’ve gone…

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I’ve lost myself.

August 12, 2019

I’m lost. I have slowly lost myself over the last few months, and… I don’t know. It feels all sorts of fucked up. This is why I’ve barely posted anything. I’ve been feeling incredibly cynical and depressed. Stagnant and lonely. Unbearably lonely at times. Sometimes negative. Just mostly… sad. When I decided to stop traveling full-time, I had developed an intense case of cabin fever. Living in a…