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Let’s talk about toxic femininity

February 5, 2019

In light of the intense reactions to the Gillette commercial – and the concept of “toxic masculinity” – I think its important to have a follow-up discussion about “toxic femininity.” Really, we could give these toxic female behaviors a number of names… bullying, bitchiness, etc., but for consistency’s sake, let’s call it toxic femininity. Women can be ruthless – especially to one another. An honest discussion of the…


Why so many boxers are in a wad over the Gillette commercial

January 22, 2019

Last week, Gillette joined the growing force of U.S. companies who have used their large platforms and marketing dollars to launch powerful social commentaries. And like the commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick, launched by Nike last September, people have their britches bundled over it. I’ve spent some time reviewing the commercial and the scathing commentaries it has prompted from individuals and conservative news outlets. As of today, the YouTube…