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The L-word

July 22, 2018

I started writing a post on May-December relationships and I felt pulled in a different direction as I thought back on some of my past loves.  Sit tight for May-December, I’ll finish it next. For now, hold my hand as we venture down the rabbit hole of the L-word, with all its social trappings and knee-jerk reactions. I can tell you with absolute clarity all the details surrounding…


Why you should unfriend and block your exes

April 30, 2018

Keeping an ex in your social networks is like a dragging around a stinking heap of psychological baggage (which, turns out, is not a sexy accessory).  If you’re someone who has the profiles and contact information of exes lurking in your social networks and phones — this post is for you. It’s healthy to remove exes from your social networks.  Block them from communication.  Delete them from your…

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Single women are not “broken”

April 3, 2018

So last night, I was browsing through other blogs by single women, and I came across a post that kind of irritated the shit out of me.  I’m paraphrasing here, but the title was something along the lines of “why you’re still single” – as written to a female audience of women in their mid-thirties and beyond.  Because what a miserable existence that must be! I should mention,…


Rose-colored lenses

April 3, 2018

I was on the phone with a dear friend of mine last night and we were talking about the memoir I’m writing, which chronicles my dad’s suicide and my subsequent cross-country bicycle ride in 2010.  I hadn’t planned for my on-again, off-again boyfriend at the time (let’s call him Jake) to be such an antagonist in the story.  However, recounting the whole experience with him helped me see…


Deal Breakers

March 31, 2018

Ahhhh, deal breakers.  I love this phrase.  It’s so cool and casual.  So unemotional.  I think knowing your deal breakers is helpful for keeping your head on straight when your little heart is going pitter patter about someone new… they keep you honest.  Deal breakers aren’t personal.  They’re just things you know you can’t tolerate in a partner…habits, behaviors, characteristics, etc.  The older I get, the longer my list…


F–kboys – not just a 20-something phenomenon

March 29, 2018

Not too long ago, I was watching a YouTube video titled something like “He might be a F–kboy if.”  I must have been living under a rock because this was a new term for me.  In it, a girl in her early 20s gave a run-down of what a fuckboy is, along with a description of the different behaviors a dude might display if he is, indeed, a…