Dancing Life

The end of a chapter

January 27, 2020

Continuation from Taking it all off… I slapped Sebastian around for the next hour, making it up as I went. He laid on the ground while I walked on his back in my stilettos. I verbally demeaned him and made him call me Mistress. I could see the twinkle in his eyes as I paced back and forth, feigning disgust over his existence. When the hour was up,…


Taking it all off

January 23, 2020

Continuation from Love Triangle Fallout I’d been dancing in bikini and topless clubs for over two years when I decided to try taking it all off. Nude clubs were a different animal, but I’d danced in enough clubs to have been exposed to some pretty dank places. I’d learned to hustle with the best of them. I knew how to handle myself and how to deal with misbehaving…

Dancing Love The Dud[e]s

Falling in love with Cowboy

January 11, 2020

About a year into dancing and shortly after the development of my stripper persona, Belle, I fell in love. With a customer. Truthfully, I’ve only admitted this to a few people. Falling in love with a customer goes against every rule in the stripper book. But I couldn’t help myself, and as I tell the story… I think you’ll understand why. It was late at night, maybe 1:30…

Dancing Life Work

Belle is born (my stripper alter ego)

January 6, 2020

I didn’t need a stripper persona when I first started dancing. The bikini bars I worked at were tame, the customers were well-behaved, and the girls were relatively friendly. When I switched to my second club, I changed my stage name to Belle. Carmen didn’t fit me and I had enough customers at the first place [rightfully] laugh when I introduced myself by a name meant for a…

Dancing Work

Becoming a stripper.

January 1, 2020

I made $70 my first night as a dancer. $70. My first club wasn’t really a strip club – it was a bikini club, which was like training wheels for real stripping (in topless or nude clubs). There was no nudity; dancers wore g-strings and bikini tops. There were no private booths or champagne rooms. It was just a tiny, grungy bar with a bunch of regulars. Think,…