Dancing Love The Dud[e]s

Falling in love with Cowboy

January 11, 2020

About a year into dancing and shortly after the development of my stripper persona, Belle, I fell in love. With a customer. Truthfully, I’ve only admitted this to a few people. Falling in love with a customer goes against every rule in the stripper book. But I couldn’t help myself, and as I tell the story… I think you’ll understand why. It was late at night, maybe 1:30…

Dancing Life Work

Belle is born (my stripper alter ego)

January 6, 2020

I didn’t need a stripper persona when I first started dancing. The bikini bars I worked at were tame, the customers were well-behaved, and the girls were relatively friendly. When I switched to my second club, I changed my stage name to Belle. Carmen didn’t fit me and I had enough customers at the first place [rightfully] laugh when I introduced myself by a name meant for a…

Dancing Work

Becoming a stripper.

January 1, 2020

I made $70 my first night as a dancer. $70. My first club wasn’t really a strip club – it was a bikini club, which was like training wheels for real stripping (in topless or nude clubs). There was no nudity; dancers wore g-strings and bikini tops. There were no private booths or champagne rooms. It was just a tiny, grungy bar with a bunch of regulars. Think,…